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Own a Car? Here’s Why It Pays to Get a Costco Membership

by BD Banks

<div>Own a Car? Here's Why It Pays to Get a Costco Membership</div>

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It costs an astounding $1,015 a month, or $12,182 a year, to own a car these days, according to AAA. And even if your car is already paid off, you might still spend a small fortune on expenses like auto insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

It pays to do everything you can to make vehicle ownership more manageable, financially speaking. And in that regard, joining Costco could result in a world of savings. Here’s why it pays for every car owner to sign up for a Costco membership.

1. You can purchase affordable tires and get extended protection

Many auto shops will sell you a new tire and send you along on your merry way. At Costco, your tire purchase doesn’t just include an initial installation. When you buy tires through Costco, you get a five-year road hazard warranty that protects you from having to shell out money to fix a newly replaced tire. You also get a host of free services throughout the life of your tires, from inflation checks to rotations.

2. You can save big on gas

Even if you own a fuel-efficient car, if you do a lot of driving, gas could be a huge expense in your budget. The nice thing about joining Costco is that you’ll get the option to fill up your car at your local warehouse club store. The result? A world of savings, since Costco is known for its competitive prices on gas.

3. Free air for your tires

Changes in outdoor temperatures can lead to poor tire pressure. That, in turn, could lead to poor gas mileage, so it’s important to keep your tires well-inflated. At Costco, you can do so for free — even if you don’t buy your tires from Costco’s auto center. Many warehouse club stores have a free air pump that members can use when their tires need inflating.

4. You can load up on affordable vehicle accessories

There may come a point when you need to replace your car’s floor mats, or when you need new windshield wipers. You may also decide to invest in a roof rack for your car to transport sporting equipment. Costco offers items like these at affordable prices. And if you happen to buy an Executive membership at Costco, you’ll get 2% cash back on these and other purchases.

When you’re grappling with the expense of a car, it pays to do whatever you can to make vehicle ownership more affordable. A Costco membership could be your ticket to affordable gas all year long and a host of other benefits car owners appreciate. So it pays to sign up, whether you’re new to owning a vehicle or have years of experience on the road.

A basic Costco membership costs $60 a year, while an Executive membership offering 2% cash back on your purchases costs $120. Think about which membership is right for you based on your anticipated spending and get ready to save a bundle on numerous vehicle-related expenses.

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