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Frontier Airlines Will No Longer Charge Cancel and Change Fees for Most Tickets

by BD Banks

Frontier Airlines Will No Longer Charge Cancel and Change Fees for Most Tickets

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Frontier Airlines has undergone recent changes, and the updates are a win for travelers. The popular low-cost airline has a reputation for its affordable airline tickets. But since it’s a low-frills airline, the carrier charges extra fees for seat selection and bags. However, Frontier recently changed how tickets are priced to be more transparent. This is a win for busy travelers working hard to reach their personal finance goals. Here’s what you need to know about the news.

Frontier unveils bundles with upfront pricing

The low-cost airline recently announced it now offers ticket bundles, with additional extras built into the ticket price. The extras included will vary depending on the bundle chosen. These additional costs are now built into the total price on top of the standard, basic fare price. The following bundles will be available to flyers:

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  • Economy Bundle (begins at $30 per person per one-way flight)
  • Premium Bundle (begins at $50 per person per one-way flight)
  • Business Bundle (begins at $100 per person per one-way flight)

The airline will also continue to offer its basic fare. Travelers who purchase this most affordable ticket option must pay additional fees to choose their seats, access early boarding perks, or add a carry-on bag or checked bags to their reservation. A personal item is included.

Here’s an overview of what flyers can expect depending on the fare chosen:

Basic Fare Economy Bundle Premium Bundle Business Bundle
Carry-on bag For purchase Included Included Included
Board first For purchase Not included Included Included
Choose your seat For purchase Included — Standard Included — Premium Included — UpFront Plus
Checked bags For purchase For purchase For purchase Two bags, 50 lbs. each
No change or cancellation fees Not included Included Included Included
Data source:

Change and cancel fees are eliminated for most tickets

That’s not all that’s changed. As you may have noticed from the previous chart, bundles will give passengers access to no change or cancellation fees. The airline recently announced it would eliminate change and cancel fees for most ticket fees — a major win for your checking account.

For economy, business, and premium bundled fares, no fees will be charged if a passenger makes changes or cancels their flight. When canceling a ticket, passengers will receive a flight credit to their account, valid for 12 months. Flight credits are non-transferable.

However, travelers purchasing basic fare tickets will be charged change and cancel fees if they alter their reservations or cancel their fights. Fees start at $49 per person per one-way flight for changes and $99 per person per one-way flight for cancellations.

Don’t miss the new For Less price guarantee

The airline also announced a brand-new For Less price guarantee. If a passenger finds a lower price for a comparable flight (same route and date), Frontier will award them 2,500 FRONTIER Miles after they complete their Frontier journey.

The lower price must be found within 48 hours of making a Frontier booking and must be submitted before midnight on the day before travel with Frontier. Travelers must fill out a claim form online and include a screenshot with their claim.

Travel doesn’t have to break the bank

It’s possible to travel while continuing to honor your budget. Flying with low-cost carriers is one way to keep your spending in check when buying airfare for your next trip. Make sure you review all fees before making a reservation. Frontier’s new transparent pricing updates make it easier to avoid overspending on travel expenses.

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