Friday, 17 March 2023

Frontier Energy secures water supply for Bristol Spings Green Hydrogen Project

by Berkeley Lovelace

Frontier Energy secures water supply for Bristol Spings Green Hydrogen Project

Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) announces the company and Water Corporation have signed a binding agreement for 1,250kl/day of water supply to be used at the company’s Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project in Western Australia.

The company reports this volume of water is sufficient for stage one of the project and will support major expansion into the future.

Frontier Energy Managing Director Sam Lee Mohan says: “Being located 3km from one of the major water pipelines in Western Australia, yet again highlights the advantage this project has in being able to access existing infrastructure.

Without this, a desalination facility would be required, which would add millions to the project’s development costs, as well as add significantly to first production timeline, due to the requirement for additional approvals and environmental studies.”

Water will be supplied to the project via the Stirling Trunk Main, which carries water from the Southern Dams and the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant to the Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS).

The IWSS delivers 303 billion litres of water each year in Western Australia. The Stirling Trunk Main is located 3km from the proposed location of the hydrogen facility.

Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water, wastewater, drainage, and bulk irrigation services in Western Australia to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and farms. The company directly employees more than 3.600 people across Western Australia.

Frontier Energy is developing the Bristol Springs Green Hydrogen Project, located 120km from Perth. The company recently completed a Prefeasbility Study that outlined the project’s potential to be both an earlier mover and one of the lowest-cost green hydrogen assets in Australia.

Images: Frontier Energy Ltd