Thursday, 23 February 2023

Mr․ Satoshi Is The New Premium Bitcoin Apparel Store You Do Not Want to Miss

by Berkeley Lovelace

Mr․ Satoshi Is The New Premium Bitcoin Apparel Store You Do Not Want to Miss

A new player has entered the Bitcoin apparel market and is quickly making a name for themselves. Founded by Bailey Jakob, an Australian-born entrepreneur and Bitcoin enthusiast, Mr. Satoshi has quickly become the go-to brand for high quality and professionally designed Bitcoin clothing.

Mr. Satoshi is a new U.S. based premium Bitcoin apparel store that is making waves throughout the Bitcoin community with their high quality & luxuriously designed Bitcoin apparel. Mr. Satoshi launched on January 4th and in their first month, saw more than 20,000 individual visitors to their store, and a surge in social media followers.

Bailey explained his motivation behind creating the Bitcoin clothing line was from his growing frustration with the lack of quality Bitcoin apparel, with designs that look good and do not scream “Crypto”.

“In October 2022, I was searching online for a Bitcoin-based t-shirt for myself. After an hour scrolling through a dozen online Bitcoin stores, I gave up. Either the designs were poorly made, and not original, or the quality of the t-shirts were low-grade. I thought that I couldn’t be the only person frustrated by the lack of quality Bitcoin apparel, and that is how Mr. Satoshi was born.”

Products and Payment Options

The new online store features a wide range of clothing and accessories for Bitcoin enthusiasts, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and more. With the ability to check out through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, credit/debit card, and Apple/Google Pay.

All products on the Mr. Satoshi online store feature high quality materials. Their t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, and their Collector’s Edition hoodie range is made up of 85% cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

Mr. Satoshi’s apparel ranges in price, from $24, to $109 USD. However, be sure to take advantage of their in-cart 5% and 10% automatic order discounts, as well as their Sats Back Rewards.

Mr. Satoshi has a focus on expanding their product line to be more environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials where they can.

Besides their industry-leading product offering, Mr. Satoshi does not stop at quality apparel. Every month, Mr. Satoshi gives away 1.5M Sats (Satoshis) in their free-to-enter giveaway. On top of that, Mr. Satoshi taps into the Bitcoin Lightning technology by offering instant Sats back on every purchase above $29 USD. Customers who make a purchase online are presented with a unique QR code, which, when scanned through a Bitcoin Lightning enabled wallet, instantly transfers up to 100,000 Sats to the customer (depending on their order size).

Involvement In The Bitcoin Community

In addition to providing well-designed Bitcoin apparel to their customers, another priority for the Mr. Satoshi brand is to create a community for fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect, learn, and support each other. Bailey explained that Mr. Satoshi’s Twitter account has grown to over 700 followers since their launch in January and has seen a growing community develop.

“Since launching Mr. Satoshi, we have seen an incredible community of like-minded Bitcoiners develop. Our Twitter account has grown to become a hub for Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect with one another. It’s been really incredible to see. Additionally, Mr. Satoshi’s email subscription list has surpassed 500 people. On top of exclusive product discounts and offers, we have prioritized emailing educational Bitcoin content for our customers, which we have received a ton of positive feedback on.”

This week, Mr. Satoshi has announced their sponsorship for the popular BitBlock Boom annual Bitcoin conference, held in Austin, Texas this year in August. Bailey also hinted that some further upcoming partnerships and sponsorships are in the works this year.

Collections and Collaborations

Bailey further explained that Mr. Satoshi’s focus is on product quality and positive customer experience above all else, and their recent collection drop backs this claim. On February 1st, Mr. Satoshi launched their second premium collection “Satoshi Social Club”, which features minimalistic and embroidered designs on top quality materials.

The Satoshi Social Club collection was an instant hit with online followers, and the popularity of this collection has not slowed down, with it being their most purchased collection to date.

Mr. Satoshi’s first collection, launched in mid-January, put them on the map as a rising leader in the Bitcoin clothing space. Their “Collector’s Edition” range is a collection of ultra premium apparel. Featuring embroidered and print hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, beanies, corduroy hats and a fan favorite – pastel colored hats. The Collector’s Edition range is designed for the true Bitcoiners, who want to wear Bitcoin apparel in an elegant way.

Additionally, this week, the Bitcoin social platform powerhouse, Orange Pill App and Mr. Satoshi collaborated on a limited edition “Orange Pill’d Club” tee, and in true Mr. Satoshi fashion – the duo launched their new collab with a tee & Sats giveaway on their Twitter accounts.

Following this collaboration giveaway, the Orange Pill’d Club tee will be available for purchase on Mr. Satoshi’s online store, with only a limited number of tees available. The Bitcoin apparel underdog expects this tee to be popular, with a great amount of support and interest from raving Bitcoin fans on Twitter.

Customer Support and Shipping

All Mr. Satoshi products come with a 30-day refund and exchange promise. As a standard, Mr. Satoshi offers free shipping throughout the US, and low cost international shipping too.

Pushing to ensure a positive customer experience, Mr. Satoshi’s online store features an advanced virtual chat bot, cleverly named the “Satoshi Bot.”

This customer-focused feature ensures complete 24/7 customer support, with the ability to instantly connect to a human support team member when needed.

The Satoshi Bot live chat UI is outstanding and interactions are simple, quick, and have no complicated requirements for customers to access the information they need.

When speaking with Satoshi Bot, be sure to ask it to tell you a joke or two – thank us later.

Customer Reviews

Since launch, Mr. Satoshi has accumulated over 60 verified order reviews on their website. All of these reviews boast a 5 out of 5 star rating with commentary on the premium product materials, professional designs, and exceptional customer support. Below is a snapshot of a few recent reviews:

“I recently bought a t-shirt and hoodie and they arrived in a couple of days. Both designs look amazing and they are super comfy. Just bought a corduroy hat, excited to receive it. Thank you.” – Jake. Miami, FL.

“Love the well thought out designs, the fair prices, discount promotions and customer service. I was really happy to purchase. I definitely recommend Mr. Satoshi to anyone wanting cool Bitcoin clothes” – Samuel. Toledo, OH.

“Found the website on Twitter from a giveaway. I bought the Bitcoin Est. 2009 t-shirt, and paid with Bitcoin which was a cool experience. Comfy tee and fits well. Thank you.” – Ellis. Arlington, TX.

Future Plans and Upcoming Releases

With a strong initial launch, premium product offering, a growing community, and a website incorporated with Bitcoin Lightning technology, the future for Mr. Satoshi looks bright. Bailey hinted at some upcoming projects and releases for the brand:

“We are still very early in our business journey, and the popularity of our products since launch has been an encouraging sign. For the immediate future, Mr. Satoshi will continue to release more designs and collections. We have a number of promotions and giveaways lined up through our Twitter and website too. We also have some exciting upcoming partnerships with leading Bitcoin companies, which will further enhance our website, payment gateways, and rewards technologies.”

Established as an emerging leader in Bitcoin apparel, Mr. Satoshi has already earned a reputation for providing unmatched quality and customer service. Backed by a motivated and dedicated team, and through their instant Sats Back Rewards, monthly giveaways, and collaborations with some of the most well respected brands in the Bitcoin industry, Mr. Satoshi has cemented their status as the go-to destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking for premium and stylish ways to express their love for the popular Cryptocurrency. With exciting new projects and partnerships on the horizon, including limited edition collections and sponsorships, Mr. Satoshi is a must-visit online store for every Bitcoin enthusiast.






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